• One of the days I’ll be wearing a tshirt with my Gremlyn logo on it, see if you can spot me 🙂

      Also find the AABG booth on Club Night, I should be there most of the evening.

  1. John

    Think it would be possible to use this set up for carbonating water from a water supply line directly?

    Obviously have to modify for water supply and valve control.

    Would it be able to carbonate sufficiently? And do you think the pressure from the water line would ruin the set up?

    Awesome post

    • If you used sufficiently high pressure and a long enough line, I think you could carb water in a single pass. Issues might arise if the water is too warm, as you’d need a pressure probably too high for the tubing to withstand.

  2. As a fellow Michigander who’s also pouring at Homebrew Con’s club night (Motor City Mashers), I look forward to trying the beer and talk a little more with you about this rig. See you in a couple of days! Cheers!

  3. Gary Edgar

    I ordered the pump and the power supply you listed in the parts, and I just received them in the mail today. However, when I plug the power supply into the pump, it doesn’t start. Did you have to modify the plug on the power supply to plug into the pump, or did you cut the plug off the pump and wire on the little adapter that came with the power supply?

  4. Gary Edgar


    Appreciate the quick response. Should have my new power supply on the 10th so I can put everything together.

  5. Marc

    Would it work to use a Chugger pump with a SS ball valve to limit throughput? Obviously would have to use the right fittings to connect up, but it would be nice not to have to buy another pump.

    • Hi James, there are short barbs that give enough surface area to secure the tubing on. Might be able to screw on the outer bit over beer tubing, haven’t tried though.

      • James

        Thanks, haven’t got my parts yet but looking forward to the build. Would like to run another idea by you to get your thoughts. Was wondering how it would work to use a Corney Keg carbonation lid for the CO2, (those lids that have an extra gas port on top and a hose with a carb stone that hangs inside the keg) and just use the pump for circulation? May take a bit longer but would really simplify the build and cleaning. What do you think?

  6. My pump works intermittently, is this a bad power supply or bad pump?? Keeps chugging like its priming?. Then ran a little while then quit. Stopped then now chugging again but won’t go. Really frustrated!!!
    Btw no switch on my pump either fm Al—b-ba..
    Falvocano power supply 10A 12V output..


        I bought three more power supplies for friends, and they all do the same thing with the pump, one ran fine then pump quit all of a sudden. I think now that the female Cable Jack on the pump has a broken wire. Wiggling it would start it up but only sometimes. Similar problems are posted on UTube with laptops plugs. I guess Ill have to cut & replace it!

        • Not sure why the pump I originally linked with the switch got released with the one that just has a cable. Hopefully it’s an easy fix with the wiring.

          I found a link to the pump with the sweetheart switch and updated my post. Thanks for pointing that out.

  7. 🤣“Sweetheart”??? “Switch” got spell checked 😩.

    Canceled 3 pumps plus I’m returning the bad pump, for the ones with a switch, that might preserve the plug wires connections better…
    Thanks for the help

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