• One of the days I’ll be wearing a tshirt with my Gremlyn logo on it, see if you can spot me 🙂

      Also find the AABG booth on Club Night, I should be there most of the evening.

  1. John

    Think it would be possible to use this set up for carbonating water from a water supply line directly?

    Obviously have to modify for water supply and valve control.

    Would it be able to carbonate sufficiently? And do you think the pressure from the water line would ruin the set up?

    Awesome post

    • If you used sufficiently high pressure and a long enough line, I think you could carb water in a single pass. Issues might arise if the water is too warm, as you’d need a pressure probably too high for the tubing to withstand.

  2. As a fellow Michigander who’s also pouring at Homebrew Con’s club night (Motor City Mashers), I look forward to trying the beer and talk a little more with you about this rig. See you in a couple of days! Cheers!

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