• I finally got all the parts and got it assembled, but I need to do a little practice with it. Unfortunately I’ve not had time to do that yet. Hoping to put it into use soon, though!

  1. I have found what looks to be the same power supply as the one that was in the link shown here. I have ordered it from amazon and will report as to functionality when I get it. One of the visual indicators is the back has ridges the one that I ordered using the link above was smooth. If you do a search in amazon for Alarmpore 12v 10a it will say it didn’t find it in “electronics” but it is the one that is pictures. As I said I will post an update after I test it. It is due in Sat but I don’t get Sat delivery so it will be next week.

  2. Dennis

    I might have missed it, but what’s is needed to connect the hoses to the pump inlet & outlet? Really appreciate you sharing your project thanks much!

  3. Sir Gremlyn: I am building FastCarb & have the 10A power supply and same pump… first trial it burped awhile, same on second, then finally pumps fast! Tried again, there was a lag then started & ran fine.. What’s going on with the priming? Need to have liquid under pressure on input?
    Regards on a great build.

    • Hmm that doesn’t like it’s working right. It should switch on and immediately start moving liquid. The pump is self priming, so no pressure or beer if needed in the pump to get it going.

  4. Tim

    The carbonation system looks great, I’ve just bought all the parts however, only noticing afterwards that the inline carbonation assembly you’ve linked is actually a 1/2 barb assembly, when it needs to be 3/8 as you mention in the parts break down.
    I appreciate you post, but would you be able to amend the incorrect link, so others don’t make the same mistake.
    Thank you still.

    • Thanks for the heads up, that’s one of the issues I have dealing with AliExpress – but the pricing often makes it worthwhile. You might still be able to cancel that part if it hasn’t shipped.

  5. Leeroy

    Does anyone know the thread size on the inlet/outlet? I’d like to attach rigid fittings if possible, as opposed to tubing…

    • I don’t think the threads will seal properly, they’re designed to used some sort of screw on fitting that seals using the nipple, but I didn’t bother investigating since it worked fine without.

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