1. Bryan Canavan

    I feel like its a completely legitimate term. When people say “dank” they are referring to a similar smell of potent weed. Being that hops are the genetical cousin of weed, it doesnt seem far fetched to me. Any hops that seem to evoke sticky, resinous qualities are usually described as “dank”. I’ve even seen lists ranking the dankest hops. The reason why it maybe seems to be everywhere is popular hops like columbus which is definitely in that region. Also, the most recent harvest of galaxy seems extremely dank to my palate

    • Gremlyn

      I can’t think of any other beer flavour or aroma descriptions that I can’t connect with the term. I even absolutely get the ‘horse blanket’ Brett characteristic, as weird as that descriptor is. My problem, I think, boils down to this: if we sit down and you hand me an IPA that could be described as ‘dank’ and I (or others) can’t make the connection to the term, then the connection isn’t a good one.

  2. Josie

    I just came upon this, and it’s March 2022, so this was written a long time ago. I was searching for a definition of “dank IPA.” I entirely agree with Gremlyn. It’s a very weird term to use for beer. Yeah, I get the supposed connection to pot. But it’s still a misuse of the word. (And no, I wouldn’t call the smell of potent weed “dank,” either.)

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