1. I’d put the same amount of oak spirals in all three carboys since you’re basically planning on have three barrels eventually, right? I’d also transfer those spirals over to the barrels (along with the dregs) when you do get them.

    • Gremlyn

      Only downside of the spirals in every batch, at least early on, might be over extraction of tannins. You’ve also made me think that the spirals wouldn’t need to get replaced over time, they can hang out in there forever really. I’d just need to add new ones after a while to keep up some oaky flavour, if that is what I’m going for.

      • Yeah, I would just add them initially to give the brett something more to hang out on/play with/eat. You could always add more later to the oldest vessel, or use some oak essence or something to up the oakiness of the final product if you wanted.

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