1. DON

    Looking good bro…I built a kegeratorusing a Danby minifridge but never installed my two tap Perlick SS tower…acquired a True commercial kegerator and a Danby single tap ( swapped out with a SS intertap …sold the True and basically ended up with the Danby for next to nothing…this might be my next project…

  2. Kyle Waller

    Thanks for this post! I ended up doing something very similar to this. I bought an absurdly large (~7′ x 3′) chest freezer off of Craigslist for $40. after my kegerator fridge kicked the bucket. Unfortunately, it’s one of those 1950s models that has the rod running through the lid, rather than clamps on the back, and in the process of removing the lid I broke one of the springs on the rod.

    So if I wanted to be able to open it easily, I had to build a new lid. I built a collar for the taps and then followed the basic blueprint for a lid here, screwed in some heavy strap hinges to the collar and new lid, and voila! 8 tap keezer with room for at least 7 more.

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