1. I agree with you on most of the points, but I was personally a bit disappointed by the lack of pairing dinner and the Knockout Party. Most of the folks I knew stayed for about 10 minutes then bailed.

    Looking forward to Portland!

    • I found myself floating between groups at the KP enough to occupy my time and I was managing to get some pretty decent bottle pours. Plus if I left I couldn’t win the raffles! (not that I did anyway)

      I’ve found the past few pairing dinners to fall a little flat, cold food and pairings that didn’t work for me mainly. I enjoyed the overall experience of them, but I’m not sad to see them go. From my understanding they were also a logistical nightmare and various union rules in different venues made it hard for the chef to properly coordinate things.

  2. Chuck Mac

    Found out at the Knock Out party, that it was between Minneapolis and Milwaukee AHA chose Minneapolis, for shame…

    • I think Milwaukee was on the list of potential future spots for the conference to be in the survey. I certainly wouldn’t mind it being there!

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